Hans van der Kamp (1955) is a studio photographer at heart and he claims that he is lousy at creating photography outdoors, because the lack of control over lighting sources irritates him.

When COVID-19 came around in March 2020, he had to cancel all ongoing projects until further notice. At the time he was collecting analogue cameras for an educational project for the NTV Amsterdam Foundation. He fell in love with an old Nikon F4 camera from the batch of cameras he bought on used camera sites for the NTV project.

Sitting around and eating too much chocolate, his favorite snack, wasn’t helping him either, so when the lock-down became less strict, he bought some Ilford FP4 film and started shooting outdoors just to keep the blood flowing.

Van der Kamp had been working with digital cameras for about 20 years at this point in time, so he was amazed how hard it was for him to return to working with cameras he used in his youth as a magazine photographer. He enjoyed developing film and making prints as never before.

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