The boat is nearing the Torensluis, a bridge now also called the Multatuli bridge. Multatuli is the pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker, a famous Dutch writer who mainly wrote about…

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The Musician

A musician needs an audience to feel good emotionally and probably financially too. This cowboy was far from happy that there were no tourists around. Then this photographer came around…

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Dam Square and monument

Slowly the tourists are returning to the city. To the left the monstrous monument of freedom with its awful icons on it representing a part of Dutch history we would…

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Madame Tussaud / Dam Square

No lines, no crowds, it feels good for a change. You never get to see the beauty of this architecture. There is too much distraction. Drunken tourists on rented bikes,…

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Royal Palace, Dam Square

Yes, it is Royal Palace, but there are more. The Royal Family does not like this one very much, but they do use it for some official occasions. It would…

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Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Apparently the guests need to be protected from the porter wearing a mask, while the mid level manager seemingly has no problem whatsoever contaminating guests with COVID-19. Buy a print

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