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June 24, 2020. Here I almost got lynched by an angry mob of not so happy parents. I was completely unaware of what I was doing wrong. Photographs of kids…

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June 24, 2020. Prinseneiland is part of three islands within the city, called the Westelijke Eilanden. The other islands are Bickerseiland and Realeneiland. You can easily reach them on a…

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Empty Tour Boats

Empty Tour Boats, a rare sight in Amsterdam, but not during the lock-down. Normally these boats are constantly cruising the canals, like they are on a tight timetable. Beware those…

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The other side of the river

I had hoped to photograph the five yearly tall ship event Sail 2020, that was cancelled due to Corona. I photograph this event every five years. Not so much because…

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The boat is nearing the Torensluis, a bridge now also called the Multatuli bridge. Multatuli is the pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker, a famous Dutch writer who mainly wrote about…

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