Innocent nude photographs

March 10, 2017

  Maybe I have read it over a hundred times in the media. An innocent nude photograph can ruin a girl’s life forever. As a photographer with 40 years of experience, I am not too sure if this is actually true. We must ask ourselves what the definition ‘innocent nude photograph’ means. The first thing … Read more

Safety first

March 8, 2017

  The Internet is becoming a dangerous place. We knew that all along but we always felt that it was sufficient to protect certain pages with password systems and in 21 years none of our password-protected sites were ever really hacked, mostly thanks to a company specializing in membership software called s2member.com. This new site, however, … Read more

Model Sets

March 6, 2017

  As a photographer, I always work with a publication or an exhibit in mind and I rarely use more than one image of the person I photographed. Selecting photographs from a three or four-hour photo session is not easy, certainly if you have to pick the best pictures just a few days after it … Read more