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As a photographer, I always work with a publication or an exhibit in mind and I rarely use more than one image of the person I photographed. Selecting photographs from a three or four-hour photo session is not easy, certainly if you have to pick the best pictures just a few days after it all happened. You still have vivid memories of the person you photographed and somehow that disturbs the process of selecting the best pictures. I cannot completely explain why this is, but a selection made after half a year or even a year after the shoot always delivers better photographs.
Of course, I cannot ask models to wait that long to see what I have produced. So a primary selection is made within a week after photography. It is not a quick selection, I take my time and I look for the photographs the model will most likely appreciate. In the end, 10 or 20 photographs go through post-processing. After that, I rarely look at these pictures until I need material for a show or a publication. Then I go through all those pictures once more and I often come up with a different selection. I strongly believe that there can only be one best photograph in each series and that is obviously the one I am looking for.
The model sets are interesting in a completely different fashion. They show how a photo shoot of hours slowly evolves, how directions pay off, how a model slowly relaxes, etc. Some of these pictures end up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. If I am lucky they are not cropped, filtered or otherwise tampered with. If I am really, really lucky I even get a photo credit, but that rarely happens. Lately, I happen to photograph a lot of BDSM Dominatrixes and it is often not in their mindset to say thank you or to give a photo credit. In their perception, every man is a slave. They confuse their profession with day to day reality.
I don’t mind the lack of a photo credit too much because these same people are often also the ones who like to filter, crop or disproportionally resize my pictures. I do not need a credit for other people’s violation of my copyright. Some Dominatrixes are emotionally disturbed beings who cover up their insecurities with a lot of shining armor, many slaves in their entourage and grotesque behavior. Well, no need to get upset about the mentally ill, they cannot help themselves.
But back to the model sets. Lately, I decided they deserve a place of their own and I created a closed group on this site, where only the models and a few trusted people can have a look at these sets. No need to sign up for a free registration on the site, because all registrations are closely monitored and one needs an invite to enter the group.

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